Outrage Over Semi-Nude Photo

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) posed for photos for Vanity Fair and it’s causing more anguish than necessary. Do we not have more important things to get riled up about? Like, the ongoing chaos in the Middle East? The surging price of gas? The visible increase of homeless people on on streets? I really don’t understand […]

Obama Courting Gay Voters?

On Gawker, Towleroad, and Mother Jones: Video footage of Obama making his concession speech (after losing Pennsylvania to Clinton last Tuesday) shows three guys, all clad in Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirts. The one on the left seems particularly well-prepared for television coverage, his “Fitch” being the largest visible brand on the screen (even outsizing Obama’s […]

Rocking Out At The Knitting Factory

On a night when Gossip was playing at Webster Hall, two all-female bands stole away a piece of the fan base (heavy on the faux-hawk-sporting, i-D-reading rocker ladies) to New York’s legendary Knitting Factory. Boyskout and Girl in a Coma played the Factory’s Tap Bar on April 15, with the Isles opening. Boyskout, hailing from […]

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