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How Long, O Lord?

Posted on July 28, 2008
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omar_al_bashir.jpgPosted by Nyna

Now that the International Criminal Court has finally issued an arrest warrant for Omar Hassan al-Bashir, president of the Sudan, how much time must elapse before the women of Darfur actually feel the effects? After years of hemming and hawing and hand-wringing at the United Nations, (which has officially acknowledged over 400,000 deaths as a result of the war, then admitted that it might have underestimated the death toll figures by 50 percent), women and girls are still being raped daily by Janjaweed militia, armed with weapons imported from China. By the time the ICC finally brings al-Bashir to court, how many more women and girls will have lost their innocence, their health, and in too many cases, their lives?
It is enough. We are better than this.
Nyna is a screenwriter and film director. She lives in Paris and New York City.


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