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Condoleezza, Please Baby Please…

Posted on August 15, 2008
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condi_rice.jpg Posted by Nyna

What beauty! What brains and intelligence! But Condi, you’re playing on the wrong team. You so eloquently stated that this was not 1968 when Russian tanks could invade a capital and get away with it. But how many people world-wide are believing that American forces can’t bomb and invade a country falsely accused of harboring WMDs, and get away with it? We have lost all moral integrity in the world, because of your bosses. Come on, Condi! We need you to get your brain out of hock, and focus on the things that matter, like saving the planet. The boys will escalate with their war toys, and try to intimidate us into believing that we need a war-hero for a president. Let’s not fall for their manipulations.

And thanks for informing George that the Georgia under attack today is not the same Georgia that’s in the Ray Charles song. I’m sure he was confused.


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