Is Elizabeth Hasselbeck Interested in a Political Career?

God, I hope not! I cringe every time she opens her mouth on “The View.” She was however, incredibly “honored” to introduce Gov. Sarah Palin on Sunday at a Republican rally in Florida. But she was even more excited about  being able to “talk for a full five minutes without being interrupted,” by Joy or […]

Fatwa Bans Lesbianism and “Tomboys”

One of Malaysia’s highest Islamic bodies has banned females from dressing or behaving like men and engaging in lesbian sex, saying it was forbidden by the religion.The National Fatwa Council late last week issued its ruling following a two-day meeting that discussed recent cases of young women apparently behaving like men and exhibiting homosexual tendencies, […]

Now, Tito the Builder?

For days, Palin has been speaking of “Tito the Builder” as another embodiment of a small business owner seeking lower taxes — in short, another “Joe the Plumber.” I am so tired of Joe the plumber, Rita the real estate salesperson and now we have Tito the builder. What are we in kindergarten? “See Spot […]

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