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Food and Drink Only In New York

Posted on November 20, 2008
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apotheke.jpgthe Starlette is back from a quick trip back home to NYC. Being away from the city certainly makes you appreciate the chaos, noise, crowds but maybe not the cold. I’ve been in 80+ degree weather for 2 months so switching to 37º was an assault to the senses. Ah, but how lovely to sit down to a relaxed lunch at Bar Pitti, one of my favorite Italian restaurants downtown. It’s hard, actually it’s impossible to get a decent Italian meal here in Rincon, PR.

Fall energy was definitely in the air eventhough the economic situation was somewhat apparent while glancing into stores or neighborhood restaurants. My local market (Jefferson Market) closed down. They were behind on their Con Ed bill. This place was an institution in the West Village. A place to get great veggies, gourmet cheeses and stumble into the neighborhood celebrities like Julianne Moore or Elvis Costello. Once Citarella opened up down the block, they just could not compete. Sad to see them go. We need to support these local shops. Otherwise, the big corporate chain businesses will just gobble them all up.

Had dinner at a cozy, fun, new restaurant  Cafe Select. Located in Soho at 212 Lafayette. Cafe Select, a Swiss cafe is the latest venture of downtown restaurateur Serge Becker. A good variety of small plates and salads. The puff pasty with mushrooms was divine. Entrees range from veal sausage to seared marinated steak over arugula (yummy) and of course Schnitzel. Cute crowd and decent selection of Swiss wines. After we headed to Apotheke in Chinatown. A speakeasy/cocktail bar at 9 Doyers St. The spot’s marked only by the Gold Flower Restaurant sign in an alleyway off Bowery.

Like an apothecary, the bartenders/mixologists mix and concoct all sorts of drinks from glass jars lined up along the bar and on shelves. We tasted a Pisco drink, something with Rose-water and some Scotchy thing. All incredibly satisfying. Suprising since I really don’t drink anything but wine.

pole.jpgJust when I thought I had seen it all, along comes a pedi-cab with a pole dancer.  This rentable stripper rickshaw’s comes equipped with pole, boom box, neon-lit platform, and video camera for capturing the sweet dance moves and onlookers befuddled titillation. Only in New York!


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