Why I’m Selling My Virginity

By Natalie Dylan, seen on The Daily Beast When I put my virginity up for auction in September, it was in part a sociological experiment — I wanted to study the public’s response. Now it seems that the tables have turned, and the public is studying me. I’m a 22-year-old woman who recently earned her […]

The New L Word Spin Off

According to Velvet Park Magazine and Broadcastingcable.com: The L Word spin-off: It will star The L Word’s Leisha Hailey and will be a “very different, substantially different show” from The L Word, he says. Hailey’s character Alice Pieszecki goes to jail, where the new show would be set. While The L Word, which will conclude […]

Iceland to Install First Lesbian Head of State

Iceland seems set to make political history again after the recent collapse of its ruling coalition since the top candidate as interim prime minister is openly lesbian. Openly lesbian , a 65-year-old whose Jan. 31 elevation to the post of Prime Minister would have seemed the longest of long shots thirty years ago, at the […]