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Straight Men and Their Lesbian Best Friends

Posted on August 19, 2009
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It’s time to reconsider what we mean by friends with benefits. Hours after getting married, Evan Seplow, a 29-year-old mortgage broker from Long Island, hit a strip club with a close buddy. Seplow paid for several drinks and lap dances, and then the two retreated to the VIP room so his friend could get a private dance that was, Seplow says, “the whole nine.” The next day, when Seplow told his new bride about his escapades, she wasn’t angry or jealous, merely bemused. Seplow’s friend was Jen (not her real name), a woman who dates women—a fact that made all the difference to Seplow’s wife, as well as to Seplow. “That was pretty crazy—it might not be for the average person,” he says. “Then again, not many average guys have lesbian friends anyway.” click for more


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