18 Million Cracks in the Glass Ceiling

A little after noon on Saturday, a proud and powerful senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, officially conceded the democratic party nomination to Senator Barack Obama. Thousands arrived at the National Building Museum in DC to hear her bid farewell as she ended her historic presidential campaign. Like Clinton, many were profoundly, visibly disappointed but […]

Fashion King Yves Sant Laurent Died Last Night

French fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent died of a brain tumor in Paris last night at the age of 71. Over the course of his 50-year career, he revolutionized women’s clothing by breaking down the distinction between masculine and feminine. Perhaps best known for introducing the “Le Smoking”, a tuxedo for women, in 1966, Saint […]

Eco-Conscious Bra Taps Into Solar Power

Green is in. Looking to hitch a ride on the sustainability bandwagon, lingerie maker Triumph International Japan introduced a solar-powered, eco-friendly, and green (literally) bra in Tokyo last week. Yes, that’s b-r-a. Bra. Featuring a solar panel around the stomach area, the simply-named “Solar Energy Bra” can generate enough electricity to power up your mobile […]

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