Multi-Party System is Way Overdue in America

Clinton wins Kentucky — overwhelmingly. Every time Obama and McCain supporters declare the numbers game over, an undeniable wave of support for Clinton breaks. The salaried media says people are tired of this. I find it incredibly refreshing. People are finally speaking out, through their votes. Not for Obama. But for the bigger dream of […]

David Lynch on Mobile Movies

Tech and telecom companies around the world have been betting big on the next frontier: mobile. Earlier this week, the NYTimes reported that mobile TV is spreading in the U.S. and Europe as more and more people are watching direct broadcasts on their cellphones, and more and more companies are investing in infrastructure, devices, and […]

Obama Courting Gay Voters?

On Gawker, Towleroad, and Mother Jones: Video footage of Obama making his concession speech (after losing Pennsylvania to Clinton last Tuesday) shows three guys, all clad in Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirts. The one on the left seems particularly well-prepared for television coverage, his “Fitch” being the largest visible brand on the screen (even outsizing Obama’s […]

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