Some Thoughts On Lesbian Pride

Posted By Nyna I’ve been an out (i.e., practicing) dyke for thirty years now, and I have to say that I am more proud today than ever before to be a lesbian AND an American. This year I’ve been able to choose between voting for a woman and an African-American for theoffice of President of […]

Heterosexual Propaganda And The City

I emerged from the darkened cinema after watching the new film version of “Sex and the City” feeling just as beaten-over-the-head with heterosexual propaganda as “Mr. Big” was with white roses. Yes, the relationships between the primary four white women (plus the new addition of Carrie’s black personal assistant — a comforting, mammy-like portrayal by […]

Black Homophobia Must End

Africans throughout the diaspora may have conveniently blamed white people for the evil in the world, but it is no coincidence that black homophobia is rampant in areas where white/European male tourists have been able to rest assured of immunity from prosecution for child-molestation. Those molested boys – too ashamed to speak of what has […]

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