Food and Drink Only In New York

the Starlette is back from a quick trip back home to NYC. Being away from the city certainly makes you appreciate the chaos, noise, crowds but maybe not the cold. I’ve been in 80+ degree weather for 2 months so switching to 37º was an assault to the senses. Ah, but how lovely to sit […]

Great Summer Wines Under $20

When the weather gets steamy, fire up that grill and pour some of these summer wines to calm down, cool off and chill out. To choose a wine to pair with something off the grill, consider two things: First, how hearty is the food, and second, what’s the dominant flavor? For lighter foods—white fish, vegetables, […]

Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight

Breakfast has long been trumpeted as the most important meal of the day, particularly for those who want to lose weight. Now scientists have proved that it is – and say the bigger the bowl, the better. A study has shown that women who eat around half of their daily calories first thing lose more […]

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