How To Avoid The Swine Flu

What is swine flu? Swine flu is a type of influenza virus which normally affects pigs. But it has ‘crossed over’ to infect humans before, and the current strain of the virus has now affected many people in Mexico. The concern is that it seems to be spreading between people and might cause a wave […]

Iceland to Install First Lesbian Head of State

Iceland seems set to make political history again after the recent collapse of its ruling coalition since the top candidate as interim prime minister is openly lesbian. Openly lesbian , a 65-year-old whose Jan. 31 elevation to the post of Prime Minister would have seemed the longest of long shots thirty years ago, at the […]

Venice Floods Highest in 20 Years

Ah, Venice. One of my favorite cities in the world. Beautiful and mysterious and now flooding! According to the NYT, residents and tourists waded through knee-deep water yesterday as they navigated the city’s narrow streets and alleys, and its historic St. Mark’s Square was inundated. One of the highest tides in its history brought Venice […]

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