Food and Drink Only In New York

the Starlette is back from a quick trip back home to NYC. Being away from the city certainly makes you appreciate the chaos, noise, crowds but maybe not the cold. I’ve been in 80+ degree weather for 2 months so switching to 37º was an assault to the senses. Ah, but how lovely to sit […]

Air America’s Sweetheart

Since Rachel Maddow hit airwaves with her eponymous show on Air America in 2004, the former Rhodes Scholar has become one busy politico. Listeners can hear the 35-year-old California native play part logician and part devil’s advocate in the plum listening hours of 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Monday through Friday on XM Satellite […]

Smoking Gun

Pistolera is a NYC-based band that defines the latin alt-folklorico genre. Drawing from traditional styles of Mexican music and fusing it with pop-rock sensibility, the electrifying quartet features Spanish lyric songs of vocalist and guitarist Sandra Lilia Velasquez, the driving accordion melodies of Maria Elena and the unbeatable rhythm section of bassist Inca B. Satz […]

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