Food and Drink Only In New York

the Starlette is back from a quick trip back home to NYC. Being away from the city certainly makes you appreciate the chaos, noise, crowds but maybe not the cold. I’ve been in 80+ degree weather for 2 months so switching to 37º was an assault to the senses. Ah, but how lovely to sit […]

Animal Rights in Puerto Rico

All elections are over. Much quieter now in Puerto Rico. Into our second month here. We have moved into our place on a hill overlooking the town of Rincon. Very pretty and breezier, thank god. It can be extremely hot here in the afternoon 87º+ on a regular basis. We just constructed a screen door, […]

Blogging from Puerto Rico

I have been trying to blog from my recent, temporary home in Rincon, Puerto Rico. “The town of beautiful sunsets”. Beautiful sunsets they do have, but living here in Puerto Rico has been an enlightening, frustrating and sad experience. My partner (E) and I arrived a little over a month ago with the hopes of […]