It has been a long while since we posted last. We hate to let this site go but, it just became difficult to keep up on my own. A site for women about women with an LGBT. political. art slant is much needed. if there are any bloggers out there who would be interested in […]

Back to Life

Like the Soul to Soul lyrics: “Back to life, back to reality Back to the here and now yeah!” Wheew, I’ve been gone for some time but you haven’t been forgotten. Spring is in the air, a new beginning. It’s been a few tough months. Lots of folks are struggling. Many friends have lost their […]

Rapper’s Revenge

Twenty-five years after the first queen of hip-hop was stiffed on her royalty checks, Dr. Roxanne Shante boasts an Ivy League Ph.D. – financed by a forgotten clause in her first record deal. “This is a story that needs to be told,” Shante said. “I’m an example that you can be a teenage mom, come […]

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